Friday Morning Iced Coffee Date (12/23)

Hi, friends! Merry (almost) Christmas to you! (Seriously, where did December go!?!)

Since it’s Friday and all, let’s get right down to “business” with our morning iced coffee date. Once again this week, I’m drinking my iced coffee with a splash of eggnog and collagen for some added protein power. FYI (since I get this question a lot): I mix the collagen right into my iced coffee. I add a little bit of warm water to the bottom of my glass, pour in about a tablespoon of collagen, swirl it around so it fully dissolves, and then add my iced coffee, cream, and ice. Boom. Simple as that. Ok, onto the coffee talk!


First things first: Thank you to everyone who entered the Merry Maids giveaway. I hope you enjoyed reading our holiday hacks and found them helpful. If you missed the post, you can read our 5 Holiday Houseguest Hacks here!

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And here’s the winner of the $100 VISA Gift Card from Merry Maids: ErikaMC!

Clutter drives me crazy – and it’s always around our house so I if know someone is coming over I make a mad dash to pick up anything that is out of place and at least put it upstairs in a bedroom where I know they won’t go. And do a quick sweep of the floors so they aren’t walking on crumbs.

Congrats, Erika! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!

Speaking of prizes…

I recently sent some RXBARS to a few of my Designed to Fit Nutrition clients. They recently finished their 8-week Premium Plans, so I sent them a little care package to say thank you and happy holidays. Related: If you haven’t tried RXBARS yet, you absolutely need to. (Have I mentioned this before?!) They’re so friggin’ good! I am totally obsessed with the Maple Sea Salt flavor. I like to eat one after my workouts along with an iced coffee. Mmm!


So, a few of your guys asked how Quinn’s play went last Friday night. Well, it didn’t exactly happen. I think the poor kid got overwhelmed by the situation since it was a new place with unfamiliar faces, so he had a bit of meltdown before it started. We tried to calm him down, but it just wasn’t happening, so we headed home. Oh, well. Maybe he’ll make his musical debut next year!


We recently discovered that Qman (kind of) likes raw veggies when they’re part of a party platter. (FYI: He’s a super picky eater, so anytime we can get him even semi-interested in veggies is a win for us!) We recently started buying a veggie platter each week as a way to encourage healthy snacking in our house. It keeps Mal and me on track (instead of reaching for junk), and Qman thinks it’s fun to pick and dip his veggies. We’ve probably only gotten a half dozen bites into him, but at least he’s giving them a try. And doesn’t it take like 20 exposures for kids (and adults) to like a new food? Something like that? I dunno, but we’re enjoying snacking on veggies as a family, so just wanted to pass along this healthy idea! </p></div> </article><div

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